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Finding the perfect wedding venue

If you’re planning a wedding, then one of the very first things on your to-do list is going to be finding that perfect wedding venue that suits your style.

Here, we walk you through how to figure out your wedding style, where to search for the perfect venue, and why you should check out real weddings for inspo.

Looking for more wedding planning advice? Our lead planner, Lily, offers her number one wedding planning secret here. Our wedding planning team is also available to help with sourcing your venue.

Find your wedding style

But first things first… you’ve got to know what your wedding style is. If you’re not sure, head to our Easy Weddings app and answer a few questions to receive your personalised wedding style based on your choices in the style quiz.

Wedding venue directory

After taking the quiz, you will get a better idea of what styles and themes you’re drawn to. From there, you can head to our directory and filter out venues based on your ideal venues. We’ve created sections so you can decide between the different types of venues. Of course, some overlap. Here’s the list, including some suggestions of styles they suit:

  • Affordable – can suit any theme
  • Alternative – Fantasy and Quirky themes
  • Beach – suits the Beach, Tropical and most Destination weddings
  • Castle / Palaces – suits alternative weddings, classic weddings
  • Rustic / Country / Barn / Farm – Perfect for rustic and vintage weddings
  • Garden – can suit classic, modern and romantic weddings
  • Golf Club – suits classic weddings
  • Hotel – suits a classic wedding, modern wedding, luxury weddings
  • Luxury – luxury weddings of course!
  • Manor Houses – classic, fairytale and romantic weddings
  • Marquee – can suit any type of wedding!
  • Modern – this group is perfect for modern weddings including industrial and contemporary spaces
  • Restaurant – can suit any wedding style
  • Rooftop – can suit any wedding style
  • Reception Centre / Traditional – perfect for a traditional wedding
  • Unique – ideal for the alternative, fantasy and quirky weddings
  • Warehouse / Industrial – perfect for the modern theme
  • Waterview – can suit any wedding theme, but includes beach themed venues
  • Winery – think romantic weddings, but can suit any wedding theme. 

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, and you can style ANY venue to work with your theme. Whatever your dream is, it can be done. Just find the right stylist and florist to make your dreams come to life!

Wedding inspiration

There’s a ton of great wedding inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram, but we suggest heading to our Real Weddings section before you dive into social media. This way, you can get a sense of the many ways you can incorporate your wedding style in many different aspects of your day. Sometimes it’s helpful to see how an event flows from start to finish at a venue so you can really picture your own wedding in the space. Plus, our Real Wedding section features some amazing photographers and other suppliers you’ll love.

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